Information about me:

My name is Rubén Garrido Camps, Technical Engineer in Computer Science and Head of the IT Department (CTO) at Candelsa, home appliances purchasing central for Euronics, Tien 21 and Confort brands. I am passionated about technology and team work environments. I love travelling and I am a football and running enthusiast.

It is very hard to beat a person that
never surrenders.

— Rubén Garrido —

My C.V.

Professional profile:

These are some of the main skills of my professional profile. I love technology and to lead teams. I define myself as commited, resolutive and results oriented person.

Rubén Garrido - Foto Professional 1

Management skills

Project management
Team leadership
Negotiation skills
Conflicts resolution


Catalan (Native language)
Spanish (Native language)
English (CAE certification - Advanced)

Development methodology:

Agile Development

Business applications

ERP systems: SAP S/4 Hana & Microsoft Dynamics
Operating systems: Linux & Windows administration
Cloud Infrastructure: Amazon Web Services & Office 365
Business Intelligence: Targit, Tableau & Qlikview

Technical skills

Object Oriented Programming
Performance and scalability

Applications lifecycle:

Release Management
Continuous integration

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Specialized Press:

CSO Spain December 2019

Computer World Spain June 2020


EMBA Candidate (EAE Business School)

With the main goal of improving my skills and to empower my leadership and my current business director role, I decided to be part of the Executive MBA that is yearly imparted by EAE Business School (Barcelona). This EMBA program, with a duration of two years, offers a solid directorship background about all business areas, allowing all the students to improve, understand and to apply strategic decisions on my current leadership and director role.



MPWAR - La Salle

Between years 2014 and 2015, as complementary collaboration activity agreed with the company, I was member of the lecturers team of the Master in Web Programming and High Performance (MPWAR) that is yearly imparted by La Salle – Universitat Ramon Llull (Barcelona). This master, with a duration of 60 ECTS, offers a solid background about web technologies and programming languages, allowing all the students to obtain the most required skills to be quickly integrated in any company with presence on the Internet.

Arriving to the finish line is just the start point of the next challenge.

— Rubén Garrido —


Main projects:

These are some of the main projects where I have participated during my professional career. All of them make me to feel extremely proud of the work done.


CTO - IT Director

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CTO - IT Director

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Software Architecture Manager

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IT Consultant

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Web Developer

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IT Manager

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Recommendations about my work:

People that have worked with me are giving some feedback and recommendations about me and my work:

  • Rubén is a high committed, hard-working professional and very strong from a technical point of view. He can design and build solid technical solutions aligned with business needs and timeframes. For sure, I would work again with him.

    — Ricard G. —
  • I highlight his huge value as an architect of applications, his ability to manage and motivate his team and an absolute commitment to the company. Rubén has achieved many challenges in a top leading e-commerce company, with a high level of demand and high technological complexity.

    — Ferran C. —
  • His strong knowledge, significant experience and rational intuition were incredibly useful solving architectural tasks, while politeness, responsibility and friendly way of communication made him pleasant person to work with.

    — Yuriy N. —
  • Working with Rubén was a very good experience. He is committed to the project, always providing a wide technical knowledge and a strong business vision. He is always ready to help and to keep his team growing.

    — Javier C. —
  • It was a pleasure working with Rubén, not just because he has become a great technical leader, he has a very high implication level with his work and he is always ready to colaborate in order to solve any problem.

    — Cristina R. —
  • Communicative, smart and comprehensive are some of his qualities during the day by day, which means that his team has the best tools to reach the objective. However, if I need to highlight one quality above the others, it would be his fellowship.

    — Christian M. —
  • He is a responsible, proactive and result oriented person. Very confortable in dynamic environments with high pressure. He is a key stakeholder for achieving the project success.

    — Elena G. —
  • He is very commited with his work. Excelent leader and with very good knowledge of how to manage a team in order to achieve their goals.

    — Patricia M. —
  • Working with him was a great pleasure. What is more, all his technical background and his empathy with other people makes him a very complete professional with lots of resources. Very good professional and a better person.

    — Michael R. —
  • I would highlight his commitment with his company and the respect to his team members and other colleagues. He is a very polyvalent person that can be trustly.

    — Patricia Y. —


Hobbies and achievements:

I love running since 2013. These are some of my biggest achievements:

Total number of competitions
Total Km on running competitions
Completed Marathons
Completed Half Marathons
International runs

5h 24m 44s

Best Marathon personal record
2h 04m 08s

Best Half Marathon personal record
48m 31s

Best 10 KM personal record
23m 35s

Best 5 KM personal record


  • Valencia

Half Marathons

  • Berlin
  • Brussels
  • Liverpool
  • Barcelona
  • Lisbon
  • Granollers
  • Sabadell
  • Mediterrani (Castelldefels)
  • Vilanova
  • Sitges
  • Trail Cap de Creus

10 KM

  • Barcelona
  • San Silvestre Vallecana (Madrid)
  • London
  • Paris
  • Munich
  • Valencia


  • OXFAM Intermon Trailwalker
  • Behobia – San Sebastián
  • New York
  • Port Aventura Park
  • Catalonia F1 Circuit
  • Much more!

Valencia Marathon interview

Click here to read the interview.


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Cowards never start.
Weak runners never end.
Strong runners never stop.

— Rubén Garrido —
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